Teenagers today benefit greatly from opportunities to develop “life skills” and motivation to help them cope with the challenges of a very competitive future.
Pressure is put on students to perform academically, and their results are the benchmark of success. However other skills are needed for the next stage of a student’s growth, be that further education or the workplace.
During an intensive residential weekend, young people aged approximately 14 to 16 years will develop increased motivation, improved life skills, better self-image, pride in themselves and an understanding of setting and achieving goals.  At the same time, participants are interacting with peers from different backgrounds, and different parts of our district, improving their teamwork skills and having fun!!  All this done in an informal atmosphere, where questions and debates are encouraged.
We nominate on an annual basis, young people who have shown qualities of decency, courage & sincerity in everyday life to attend a weekend long RYPEN camp hosted by our Rotary District.
The camp acknowledges and encourages their behaviours while providing tools to enrich their lives and those in their network. Applicants are interviewed in preparation and awarded a certificate of completion.
It is an important program that delivers early support & enrichment for local Youth.