How to Reduce Your Chances of a Heart Attack
Apr 02, 2019
Alan Heighway
How to Reduce Your Chances of a Heart Attack

Our guest speaker Alan Heighway is a prime example of an endangered species...The Baby Boomer.

Now 71 years old / young? he is like millions of other Australians, Alan has been affected by coronary heart disease.

Unlike many others….,he has survived .

He is still a self-employed sales promotion addict, helping companies promote their services by supplying them promotional giveaways branded with their message & logo.

He is here tonight due to the knowledge and skill of our medical community, Their years of study and dedication to helping save lives has given him an extra 24 years of life, and counting.

Heart disease is the No 1 killer in Australia. Fortunately  many of these deaths can be prevented. As Alan will tell you, he is not a doctor, but has had a real interest in how healthy living did prolong his life, and can, he hopes …prolong ours.

Everyone has choices they can make to keep their heart beating for as long as possible. You will see & hear some of those choices tonight.

The message Alan will deliver tonight is simple; eat less, walk more, and see your doctor.