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The past, present and future of Cochlear implants – Lane Cove Rotary


The past, present and future of Cochlear implants

In 1977 Professor Graeme Clark, driven by a need to help his father’s deafness, was holidaying on the south coast of NSW and fiddling with a piece of grass and a shell on the beach. Bringing these two things together brought suddenly had his eureka moment. He realised that there would indeed be a safe way to insert electrodes into the inner ear.

Last night we were joined by Joanna Hegazy who is an Engagement Manager for Cochlear’s candidate services team. She provides personalised support and mentoring for those considering Cochlear hearing solutions. Joanna has over 10 years of experience in the healthcare industry. Her interesting presentation took us on a journey from how the world’s first successful multichannel cochlear implant was invented, through the huge technological developments that have drastically reduced them in size and on to visions for an ‘invisible’ future.