My claim to fame or favourite life experience

At this week’s Zoom meeting we tried something a little different and I’m very pleased to report it was extremely well attended. Of those, ten members were happy to take part in a friendly little competition whereby you were invited to talk about a ‘claim to fame’ or ‘best life experience’ in three minutes. It was both fascinating and fun to hear interesting tales – that despite knowing the person well – we had simply never heard about before. For example, we learned that I once had a bath with England and Manchester United football legend, Sir Bobby Charlton and that Lalitha shops at the same butcher shop as Cate Blanchett. Harry talked about his Vietnam experiences while Hazel revealed how she was nearly kidnapped by a man in a car when she was younger. But the well-deserved winner of the competition – as voted by the most members – was Craig whose tale of a fundraising cycling tour he organised in Egypt didn’t quite go to plan after he left his passport behind at London Heathrow. Despite the ensuing antics however, he still managed to end up with the yellow jersey. Well done Craig.


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