‘…and that’s magic!’ Tony Finch drops in for a chat

At this week’s meeting, we welcomed Magician Tony Finch, an old Rotarian friend of our President-Elect, Silvio Gmur. Doing magic online in these COVID times is a very hard thing to do as by definition you lose that human-to-human interaction that live magic really requires. Tony also suggested it feels quite odd as you tend to feel like you’re performing to yourself – which in a way you are. Despite the difficulties though, he is pushing on with perfecting online magic shows for children and we wish him well with that. Tony was kind enough last night to do one card trick for us, which while excellent, certainly highlighted the issues associated with doing magic on Zoom. Tony says he’s been blessed with being able to gain the knowledge very quickly and when coupled with his performance skills has resulted in him becoming very successful. The ‘performance’ though he says is the most important part, not the magic, and I tend to agree with that. Once we resume meetings in person, Tony has promised to come in and do a little live show for us which we all really look forward to.


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