President Hazel asked PP Jenny to introduce the guests. They were:

Amanda, Christabel, Andre, John Atkins, Andre Harriman.


Andre, "The Ringmaster" announced his club's Trivia night update. Wonderful prizes. French Champagne, Fiji holiday for 2 and others. 

  • Hurry and book as limited seats only are available.  [Andre's creation ticks all the boxes as usual: great cause, urgency, attractions and rewards. How could we not turn up to support this entertaining opportunity. Book a table. Invite some (generous) friends. Get excited.]
  • Money goes to Pomfret In North Africa. $24 to each family. Pomfret is a desolate, forgotten community in the North West district of South Africa. It is 8 hours drive from Johannesburg, population 2000, comprising Angola war veterans and the indigenous Tshawana people. Very little Power and water. Arid conditions mean that farming is unproductive. 
  • The project will provide a hippo roller for each family member for personal use and farm irrigation. Total cost is $54,000 for 20 yrs supply and maintenance. Apps for irrigation. For corn and wheat. 
  • Andre's amazing little club (10 members) has 4 projects in the Rotary International showcase website and two featured in the RDU magazine! 
  • They even purloined the MD and CEO of the Hippo Roller company, Grant Gibbs, inducting him as a member of Chatswood Sunrise!This fulfils their obligation to have a club member visit the project. 
  • [So now they have 11 members!]



Sergeant session. Sergeant John strode imperiously around the room, smiting all hip and thigh. He even smited himself. The smitten miscreants were too numerous to mention their miscreations. PP John Palmer gave himself an uppercut, making the amazing announcement that he handed over his empire to son Mike. [I hope he kept a spare set of keys for the executive bathroom]. Robyn is welcoming back her missing child after 10 years, and is delighted that her family is growing, producing delightful grandchildren for our much loved Robyn.



  • Roger

Next week is the general manager of the Greenwich Hospital. Following week is two Rotary Peace Fellows .. Patricia (ours) on Rohingya catastrophe. Next speaker will be amar, Still in Coxs bazaa. Amar on what it's  like  Ole on the ground and Patricia on the background. Starts then at 5.30. Exciting format as talk split in two. Looking for other people in the area and from other clubs. Also looking to make a collection to donate to these people.


  • Lindsay ... Please check list that is circulating.

Needs a subcommittee to organise the 50th anniversary.

  • Tania

Rotary dues coming out soon. In 2 parts. Centurion forms need to be separate due to district input. This for the rotary foundation. 



  • Lindsay received an award at the District Changeover for Meritorious Service

Tania intro Dr Carl Munoz Gerrada


Carl Munoz Ferrada - speaker

Radiation - problems seen and solved. Potential problems of coming events.


  • Developed radiation detectors having been invited by Swiss Govt after Chernobyl in 1997. Since then installed into hospitals etc. 
  • Has developed and produced and sold 33000 items since then. 
  • Treat people in hospital. Contacted Japan Govt and developed detectors for Fukushima.
  • Chlorine 36 is an ocean contaminant from Fukushima, Hundreds of thousands of tons of irradiated seawater spewing into the Pacific daily. A bit of a worry.
  • Detectors are invented and not just imported.
  • Regularly radiate human skeleton to test equipment. Pulmonary medical problems.
  • Showed a blackened, fingerless hand of a careless X-ray radiologist.
  • Trying to defuse nuclear warheads and missile ranges. Safely.
  • Russians developed a Torpedo travelling 230 mph underwater in the Soviet era. West still can't stop it. Works by going backwards before going forwards, in a heated gaseous kind of way.
  • From nuclear bomb disposal to terrorists illegally putting in hair spray cans and create a dirty bomb that could contaminate whole suburbs. Available on the black market from the thousands of defused nuclear warheads.
  • The idea was to inform us and remove the scare factor. But introduce caution and preparedness.
  • DNA damage is the major issue from these dirty devices.
  • Carl revealed many other tidbits that I'm sure would have  passed the 50 year official secrets act timelines. 
  • Had to be there to hear the best bits.



Any other areas?

Yes, about 4 hot spots - M4, cross city tunnel, another area in Hunters Hill.


What happens to kids? 

Need to teach them but they Google on a need to know basis so difficult to pass on information.


Attendance: 23 and exciting, club overflowing with delightful new members! 


Sergeant: coffers overflowing and off on a study tour to Hawaii I think.