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Lane Cove
Lane Cove Golf Club
180 River Road
Lane Cove, NSW  2066

With only 5 more days to our club's main annual fund raising event "The Lane Cove Rotary Fair". A great deal of work has been undertaken by many to ensure that the event will be as successful as ever.

Event Chair Lalitha Warren and President Stephen Miller and the entire Lane Cove Fair Committee have worked tiredlessly to organize every aspect of this year's Fair. This is an opportunity to check on all aspects on how it is all coming together..

It also requires the involvement of every member of the club on the day to ensure that the event succeeds. Many volunteers are required for setting up the Rotary Marquee and BBQ and manning of it ; selling tickets for BBQ items and soft drinks, selling tickets for our  'Monster Raffle" and generally assist with the smooth running of the event.