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Lane Cove
Grille'd Lane Cove
29 Burns Bay Road
Lane Cove , NSW 2066

Two days after wrapping-up our Rotary Lane Cove Fair, we have an opportunity to review the success of the event in an informal setting.

We have booked an table outside for 15 persons at Grill'd. You order individually and pay for items from their extensive Hamburger Menu which features meat and non-meat hamburgers.

Don't  forget: for every burger you buy you get a tokent to put into the jar that has 'Rotary Lane Cove' on it. Jenny May has ensured that we feature in this community donation program by Grill'd this month.

The more tokens we have the more we have a chance to receive the maximum amount from their program.

The money we receive will go towards the 5 Buddy Benchens for the Local Primary Schools.