Feb 05, 2019
Lucas Lin
My Experiences at RYLA

Lucas Lin has just completed a week at RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award) and will tell us of his experiences and what he hopes to do with what he learned. He completed his schooling in 2018 and was recognised in the Honours List as one of the outstanding students of the HSC. Lucas is also very interested in joining the Rotaract Club that we are setting up with other clubs in our zone. 

Lucas says:  The Rotary Youth Leadership Awards was an amazing week that challenged my perspectives on leadership, purpose and achievement. Being surrounded by so many likeminded young leaders pushed me to discover both the leader that I am and the leader I hope to be in future. Combining two of my passions - professional development and community service, RYLA was an enriching conference through which I've made so many new friends and learnt lessons that I will carry with me for life. I am so grateful for the opportunity that Lane Cove Rotary has given me to attend this leadership event - it was truly special and I am so excited to share my experiences, memories and takeaways with you all.