Oct 12, 2021
Gert-Jan van Dommelen
'End Plastic Soup'. Zoom presentation from Holland.

Gert-Jan van Dommelen from the Dutch Rotary Club of Huizen-Gooimeer (near Amsterdam) will be our virtual guest speaker on the subject of ending plastic waste by 2050 in waterways, oceans and in the environment generally.

EndPlasticSoup started in 2018 by a number of Amsterdam Rotary Clubs taking the initiative to end plastic waste worldwide. Presently EndPlasticSoup is supported by over of 800 Rotary and Rotaract Clubs worldwide. Lane Cove Rotary has officially been a ‘Friend Club’ of the organization since early last year.

With Rotary’s strong focus on the Environment this will be a great update on how to contribute to the cause of eliminating plastic waste.