Speaker Date Topic
Stephen Miller Feb 26, 2019
NTT Small Grants Project

Lane Cove Rotary President Elect, Stephen Miller, recently took over the management of the wonderful initiative set-up by Chris Curtis nearly a decade ago, namely the Small Grants Indonesia ProjectTonight, by way of a thank you for the generous club donation, Stephen will refresh our memories on what this project is all about, how the lives of those being helped are transformed and outline his plans for the project moving forward.

Ros Berryman Mar 05, 2019
SPASM - A Health Care Museum at the old Gladesville Hospital site

Ros Berryman is a senior theatre nurse with many years of experience and is now involved as Secretary/Treasurer of  The Society for Preservation of the Artefacts of Surgery & Medicine (SPASM) Museum at Gladesville. It is a project she is passionate about and she has many stories to tell. The talk will be about the SPASM museum and some of the "treasures" it holds, the people who volunteer at the museum and those who visit it. 


DG Susan Wakefield's visit to Lane Cove Rotary Mar 12, 2019
Kim Evensen, Founder of "Brothers" Mar 19, 2019
“Empowering Men To Create And Sustain Healthy & Authentic Friendships”

About Brothers: Brothers is a movement that seeks to empower and inspire boys and men to create strong, wholesome and authentic male friendships, as well as combat damaging cultural influences that can hinder them from doing so.

About Kim: Kim (26) is the CEO and the Founder of Brothers. Since he first got the idea of Brothers, he has studied the topics masculinity, men's friendships and men's development, independently. He has previously studied leadership for three years and acting for four years. He’s also an author, and published his first book on the topic men’s friendships, in February 2019.

Prof Mary Crock Mar 26, 2019

Awaiting information from Roger Wescombe re all details on presentation.

Geoffrey Pritchard OAM Apr 02, 2019
My Sydney 2000 Olympics experience to OAM award this year.

Geoffrey Pritchard, OAM has had considerable involvement with the Sydney Olympics organization, prior and during the Sydney Olympic Games.

He has been on the executive of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia and has also served on the Pharmaceutical Board of NSW.

Geoff is an active long time Rotarian and amongst other achievements is a Past Rotary President.