The ABC in Crisis – Why it Matters

The ABC in Crisis – Why it Matters. This was the subject-talk by Emeritus Prof Ed Davis AM, our guest speaker on 25 August, 2020. In his capacity as National Vice President and NSW President of ‘ABC Friends’ he delivered a passionate overview of the ABC our Australia’s National Broadcaster. Why is it in ‘Crisis’? Over the past 30 years it has faced a steady decline in funding by a “death of 1000 cuts”. Current funding is 1 billion dollars per year from the Federal Government, – a decline relative to the annual federal budget by over 60%. It presently has 4000 employees nationally, – 40% less than in 1980’s, a “steady emasculation” as Ed Davis explains. Emeritus Prof Ed Davis being thanked by Vice President John and President Silvio (L to R)


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