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Kero O’Shea zooms in with some great advice – Lane Cove Rotary


Kero O’Shea zooms in with some great advice

Our guest speaker this week was a breath of fresh air. He describes himself as an ‘idea propagator’. Kero O’Shea, who lives in Perth, proceeded to explain how he sees Rotary clubs evolving in the post-COVID-19 world. The old traditional Rotary club model is now seen by many as rapidly becoming outdated for the 21st century he said. What was particularly fascinating to those listening was just how much of what Kero said virtually mirrored what as a club we had been discussing only the day before. It was if he’d been a fly on our wall and was repeating back to us what he’d heard. Not only was this fascinating, but also wonderfully reassuring that we are perhaps on the right and progressive track.