Your personal data – Risks and opportunities

Ahmed Fattah is a social entrepreneur, an artificial intelligence software architect and educator. He has more than 20 years of consulting experience with IBM. He is the founder of My Personal Graph, a social enterprise with the aims to empower individuals to own their personal data and apply artificial intelligence to enhance their well-being.

Do you own your personal data? Ahmed feels that he doesn’t own his. Our personal data is scattered across many devices, government departments and social networks. Consequently, our privacy may be compromised by organisations, such as Facebook or Google, that use our data to sell us advertisements while making billions of dollars in profit. This talk highlights the risks of not controlling your data. Ahmed gives practical tips on how you can limit what others can see about you on the Internet. He will also talk about how you can leverage your personal data to enhance your life and well-being. He will briefly introduce the “My Personal Graph” to build a platform to securely store our personal data while giving us full control to share or even monetise it.


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