Making a real difference in the lives of the disabled

This week we were very fortunate to have the benefit of a great speaker in David Gordon from TAD (Technical Aids for the Disabled). David, a former engineer gave us great insight into what the many volunteers who work for TAD who change the lives of many people. The organisation started over 30 years ago and has been creating and modifying equipment solutions for countless individuals who are living with a disability. The many anecdotal stories David told were an inspiration to all present. TAD also changes children’s lives under the banner of ‘Freedom Wheels’ by building customized bicycles with outrigger wheels and backrest support, giving these children not only mobility but also freedom and self-esteem! Former Governor-General, Sir Peter Cosgrove, presented one of these special freedom wheels to a young boy recently who was so overcome with emotion he gave Sir Peter an almighty hug much to everyone’s delight! What a wonderful organisation!


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